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ATV Repair Shop

Alpine XC provides ATV maintenance, repairs, and custom builds.

If you’re looking for a great local ATV repair shop, look no further. Alpine XC has tons of experience repairing a wide variety of ATV makes and models, and can perform engine rebuilds, suspension service, fix electrical components, and all sorts of other repairs. We can fix whatever issue your machine is experiencing. Browse below to explore some of the maintenance and repairs we commonly perform. Note that the list below is by no means comprehensive. Reach out to us for a custom quote and to schedule a time to bring your machine in to our shop.

ATV Maintenance

Bring your 4 wheeler in for standard maintenance or repairs. When you notice something is wrong, don’t wait to get it fixed. The sooner the problem is resolved the sooner you can get out riding again. We perform the following maintenance and more:

  • Air Filter - Have your air filter cleaned regularly to increase the life and performance of your engine. Don’t let dirt get in your engine and cause damage that will be much more expensive to repair.
  • Brakes - Have your brake pads, calipers, rotors, and brake fluid checked and maintained by our professional mechanics to ensure you don't have any problems on your ride. Brakes are debatably the most important element regarding the safety of your ride, and you shouldn’t take any risks when it comes to your brakes.
  • Tires - Alpine XC can patch, replace, rotate, and align your tires to get your ATV ready to ride in any terrain. Quality tires make for a smoother and safer ride, and being sure to inspect them regularly, and replace them when they are worn out is a must.
  • Oil Changes - Regular oil changes are one of the most important things you can do to preserve the life of your motor. Bring your machine in for a quick oil change, or other service.
  • Other - We perform lots of other maintenance as well, contact us with questions. (801) 913-4308

Regular ATV maintenance will keep your machine running right and extend its life. It will also make your machine is safe to ride. Don’t take on any unnecessary risks by failing to keep your machine properly maintained. We would more than happy to help you establish a regular maintenance schedule that adapted to your riding lifestyle. Contact us today and let’s discuss it.

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ATV Repair

Have Alpine XC's experts diagnose and fix any problem today.

  • Clutch - Have your clutch tuned or rebuilt for smooth shifting, maximum acceleration, and peak performance. A clutch is a component that will wear out over time, and when it does don’t wait to get it fixed.
  • Electrical - Alpine XC's ATV experts can diagnose and fix any electrical problem or add any custom electrical components. Whether your bike has lost spark, has lights that are out, or you want a custom lightbar on the front, Alpine XC is set up to handle the issue.
  • Engine Rebuild - Bring your ATV in for any engine repair or rebuild. Alpine XC uses only quality parts and performs engine rebuilds you can trust. Every engine rebuild includes vapor blasting for free. When you get your machine back, you know it will look and run as good as new.
  • Vapor Blasting - Restore parts to factory cleanliness with quality vapor blasting. All engine rebuilds have vapor blasting included. Vapor blasting removes dirt, rust, and grime from metal parts, and gives them back a factory shine.
  • Other - Contact us with questions about any other services. (801) 913-4308
When your ATV needs repaired, don’t wait. Our expert mechanics have quick turnaround times, and we offer fair pricing on all repairs. Our goal is to get your bike up and running as quick as possible so you can get back on the trails.

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ATV Custom Builds / Installs

Alpine XC will install any custom parts you can dream of including the following popular choices:

  • Light Bar - An LED light bar on the front of your machine provides added visibility and can be installed on any type of machine. Not only is it more functional, it can also make your machine look beefier and adds a certain “cool” factor.
  • Snow Plow - A snowplow on your atv can turn you into the neighborhood hero after a large snowstorm, and it gives you an excuse to get out and ride in the winter and maybe do a few donuts.
  • Suspension - Upgraded suspension will give your four-wheeler a smoother ride. Suspension perhaps has a greater influence on the quality and feel of your ride than any other component.
  • Winch - Mount a winch on the front or rear of your four-wheeler or sxs and you'll never be afraid of getting stuck again. You’ll feel confident going on more daring adventures, or you can be the reasonable one that’s there to pull your friends out.
  • Other - Contact us with questions about any custom build or part install. (801) 913-4308

Alpine XC will gladly help install any accessories or custom parts for your ATV, RZR, UTV, or dirt bike. It’s the extra details that help a machine feel like “yours”, and we understand the satisfaction that it brings. Add cool accessories to make your bike flashier, more practical, or just to show off to your friends. Whatever the motivation, we’re here to help. Contact us today and schedule a time to bring your bike to our shop, or to have us order in parts for you.

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