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Best Dirt Bike Helmets – Reviews From An Expert

Safety is the most important consideration when it comes to riding. And a helmet is the most crucial piece of gear to keep us safe. Because of this, it’s important to make sure you select the right helmet for you. With so many options available it can be overwhelming to know where to start. How do you find a helmet that’s safe, in your budget, comfortable, fits correctly, and looks cool? Fortunately, we’ve been through this before and know how to help.

SHOEI offers some of our favorite helmets. They have exceptional safety ratings at a great price. They offer superior safety at a more affordable price than many other helmet brands. These are high quality helmets that are built to last. They aren’t the cheapest helmet out there, but we would never recommend the cheapest helmet because brain damage isn’t cool.

If you’re looking for a new helmet, we suggest you look at the line of SHOEI products. And the experts at AlpineXC are happy to help you get fitted for a new helmet so you know you are getting one that fits properly and is comfortable. Contact us today at XXX-XXX-XXXX or visit us at our shop to try on a SHOEI helmet today or get help with any other dirt bike preparation, maintenance, or repairs.

Below is a review of our favorite SHOEI helmet:


The SHOIE VFX-EVO is an excellent, professional quality helmet with raving reviews from it’s buyers. One of the things people love about this helmet is it’s great ventilation. There are numerous ventilation ports scattered all over the helmet that allow you to breathe easier and stay cooler while riding. If you’ve ever been riding you know it doesn’t take long to work up a sweat on a warm day, and it makes you really appreciate this helmet’s design.

Another aspect of this helmet that deserves some recognition is their new MEDS system (motion energy distribution system). This new technology allows the outer casing of the helmet to rotate slightly upon impact which reduces the force and rotation on your head by 15%. This helps greatly reduce the risk of head trauma and other injury. This advancement gets some applause since safety is our number one priority.

A final point we want to mention is the emergency quick release system that’s built into the helmet. In case of a disaster this enables medical professionals to quickly remove the helmet without putting pressure on your head or neck.

These are just a few of the reasons this is one of our favorite helmets of all time. The SHOIE VFX-EVO gives you comfort and peace of mind while riding because you know you are protecting your most valuable asset with top of the line technology, materials, and engineering.

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