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Side by Side Maintenance, Repair, Custom Builds, and Engine Work

Side by Side Maintenance

Bring your SxS or UTV in for standard maintenance or repairs. We perform the following side by side maintenance and more:

  • Air Filter - A clean air filter increases the life and performance of your motor by keeping dust and other contaminants out while allowing fresh air through. Be sure to have your air filter cleaned regularly to get the most out of your side by side.
  • Brakes - If the brakes on your side by side or atv are squeaky, non-responsive, or are facing other issues, have them inspected by our professional mechanics today.
  • Oil Changes - Regular oil changes are one of the most important things you can do to preserve the life of your engine. Bring your machine in for a quick oil change today.
  • Suspension Maintenance - Bring life into your suspension with a sxs shock rebuild or suspension respring.
  • Tires - Tires are one of the largest contributors to a machines overall performance. If your tires are cracked or worn, contact Alpine XC today to have them replaced. We can patch, replace, rotate, or align your tires to make sure you're ready to ride in any terrain.
  • Other - We perform lots of other maintenance as well, contact us with questions. (801) 913-4308
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Side by side full service and maintenance

Side by Side Repairs

If your machine won't start, isn't running right, or needs a part repaired / replaced, have our experts diagnose and fix the problem today.

  • Clutch - A properly tuned clutch creates smooth shifting and maximum acceleration for your side by side. If your side by side doesn't shift well, or makes grinding noises while shifting, bring it in to Alpine XC's shop to have the clutch rebuilt or tuned for peak performance.
  • Electrical - Replace your spark plug, or kill switch. Install a street legal kit, or have any other electrical work done by our side by side repair experts.
  • Engine Rebuild - Bring your side by side, atv, or utv in for any engine repair or rebuild. Alpine XC uses only quality parts and performs repairs you can trust.
  • Vapor Blasting - All engine rebuilds have vapor blasting included. Vapor blasting restores parts to factory cleanliness by removing rust, corrosion, and other contaminants with a high pressure solution that doesn't damage the original part.
  • Other - Contact us with questions about any other repairs. (801) 913-4308

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Side by Side Custom Builds / Installs

Alpine XC will add any custom install or custom build to your SxS including the following popular choices:

  • Light Bar - An LED light bar provides added visibility and can be installed on any type of side by side, atv, or utv including Polaris RZRs, Can-Am Mavericks, and more.
  • Turbo - Add a turbo to your machine, or upgrade the one already installed. A turbo can add a lot more horsepower to your SxS, and make your side by side much faster than all your friends.
  • Snow Plow - A snowplow on your side by side can turn you into the cul-de-sac hero during the winter, and gives you more excuses to get out and drive your SXS.
  • Suspension - Upgraded suspension can greatly enhance the capabilities and looks of your SxS. You'll have a smooter ride, be able to climb larger rocks, and look a lot cooler with quality suspension or a lift kit.
  • Winch - Mount a winch on the front or rear of your side by side and you'll never be afraid of getting stuck again.
  • Other - Contact us with questions about any custom build or part install. (801) 913-4308

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