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Vapor Blasting Parts Restoration

Vapor blasting engine parts
Vapor Blasting
Vapor blasting for engines, vintage parts, rubber, metal, and paint removal. Turns dirty, oxidized, rusty parts into fresh looking pieces. $75 an hour includes rinsing all parts so they are ready to bolt on. Wet abrasive sanding is included with all engine rebuilds for no extra charge.
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Vapor blast parts today

What is vapor blasting

Vapor blasting, also known as wet sanding, slurry blasting, liquid honing, or dustless blasting, uses a pressurized mix of water and light abrasives to delicately remove rust, corrosion, and other contaminants from a variety of surfaces. Wet sanding is ideal for cleaning and reconditioning parts and is especially popular for historical part restoration. Alpine XC uses a quality slurry blasting cabinet to restore engine and chassis parts including carburetors, valve covers, cylinder heads, brake calipers and more.

The only downside to vapor blasting..... making you want to clean the rest of your machine to match.

Why vapor blasting

  • Dust free sanding process
  • Uses a slurry of water and gentle cleaning compounds instead of nasty chemicals
  • Safe process that won't damage parts
  • Water keeps surfaces cool and prevents parts from warping
  • Can adjust psi for finer or more aggresive finishes
  • Satin like finish for smoother, shinier parts
  • Preserve aluminum, copper, brass, steel and other surfaces
  • More cost effective than traditional sand blasting

Vapor Blasting vs Sand Blasting

Sand blasting also known as dry or abrasive blasting is a common technique for surface preparation and parts restoration. Sand blasting uses heavy duty blasting equipment to clean surfaces using compressed air and blast media. The abrasive media removes rust and grime with aggressive force, but can also sometimes damage parts. The major difference between dry and wet blasting is that wet blasting uses a mix of water and abrasive blast media rather than just abrasive media. Adding water to the mix allows for a finer finish and more polished surface profile on a wide range of materials including stainless steel, and aluminum. High quality wet blasting machines also reduce the amount of dust created. This is valuable because dust can get trapped in small spaces and damage your engine.

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