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About Us

Josh Lyman, founder of Alpine XC, the best dirt bike shop in Salt Lake County, Utah.

Alpine XC - Built by Riders, for Riders


Hey there, fellow dirt junkies! I'm Josh, the founder of Alpine XC. It all started back in the day, tinkering with a beat-up Honda Trail 90 in my dad's garage. That spark ignited a lifelong love for dirt bikes, riding them hard and fixing them even harder.

That's why I started Alpine XC. I saw riders sidelined by bikes that weren't quite dialed in, missing precious time on the trails. We're more than just a repair shop – we're your pit crew, suspension gurus, and one-stop shop for getting back on the dirt faster.

Here's the deal:

  • We Speak Fluent Dirt Bike. From routine maintenance to performance prep, our crew of passionate riders knows your bike inside and out. We tailor our service to your specific needs and riding style, ensuring your machine is dialed in for maximum experience.

  • Get More Out of Your Ride, Not Your Wallet. We offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. You deserve a reliable bike without breaking the bank. Plus, by letting us handle the wrenching, you save valuable time to get back on the trails faster. Imagine ditching the time-consuming repairs and frustration!

  • Beyond the Catalog: Custom Solutions for Peak Performance. We're always pushing the boundaries. If a standard fix won't cut it, our team can fabricate custom solutions to get you back on track faster. This dedication to innovation translates into industry-leading performance for your bike.

Whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned rider, Alpine XC can help you unlock your full potential on the track or trail. Let's ditch the fixing and get back to doing what you love – riding fearlessly.

See you on the trails!





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