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Comprehensive Dirt Bike Maintenance Services in Sandy, UT

Service Description

Keep your dirt bike in top condition with Alpine XC’s expert maintenance services in Sandy, UT. Our experienced technicians provide a wide range of services to ensure your bike runs smoothly and safely, extending its lifespan and enhancing performance. Here's how we can help: Oil & Fluid Changes: Regular oil and fluid changes are crucial for the longevity of your dirt bike. Consult your owner’s manual for specific fluid change intervals. Consistent maintenance is more cost-effective than replacing engine components. Let Alpine XC handle your oil and fluid changes to keep your bike running smoothly. Brake Maintenance: Safety starts with your brakes. At the beginning of each riding season, check your brake pads (should be thicker than 1/8th inch), brake fluid (should be full and uncontaminated), and rotors (should be free from grooves or warping). Our technicians can perform thorough brake inspections and repairs to ensure your safety on the trails. Suspension Services: Annual servicing of your forks and shocks is essential to protect internal components and prevent leaks. Alpine XC offers comprehensive suspension services to keep your ride comfortable and responsive. Air Filter Replacement: Maintaining a clean and oiled air filter is vital for optimal engine performance. Regularly clean or replace your air filter to keep dirt and contaminants out. We recommend high-quality filters such as Funnel Web, Twin Air, or pre-oiled filters. Our experts can help you choose and replace the best filter for your bike. Tire Maintenance & Replacement: Proper tire maintenance is key for safety and performance. Maintain appropriate air pressure for your riding style—lower pressure for slow speeds and traction, higher pressure for fast speeds and smooth surfaces. Check tires for cracking, wear, and damage before riding. Alpine XC can inspect, maintain, repair, and replace your tires to suit your needs. Plastic Restoration: Sun-faded plastics can detract from your bike's appearance and value. Store your bike in a garage or covered area to prevent sun damage. If your plastics are already faded, our technicians can restore them to a high-gloss shine, making your bike look like new. Winterize Your Dirt Bike: Prepare your bike for winter storage to avoid damage. Drain the gas tank and carburetor or add fuel stabilizer to prevent gas from going bad. Let Alpine XC handle the winterizing process to ensure your bike is ready to ride when the season changes.

Contact Details

  • Alpine XC, 560 West, Sandy, UT, USA

    (801) 913-4308

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